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J O I N   U S   F O R   T H E 

2020 / 2021 SEASON


Oct 23 – Nov 5


Fee to register: $40 (non-refundable)


Season Fees

  • 10U (2nd - 4th grade) $395
  • 11U (5th grade) $455
  • 12U (6th grade) $495
  • 13U (7th grade) $635
  • 14U – 16U (8th – 10th grade) $735

Fee covers facilities, uniforms (jersey/shorts), coach’s fees, equipment, practices, playdate and tournament fees. Limited number of scholarships available; please contact Darcy Mears for information. No refunds are given once a player has accepted a coach’s offer to play on a team. Fees can be paid in whole on-line or in four installments over the season with check.

Please see the player handbook found on our website for more details. Also, MAVA FAQ on our website contain many answers to your questions about JO VB.

Contact Info:

Darcy Mears – darcymears@comcast.net

MAVA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation


10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 14U, 15U, 16U

Sun, Nov 8, 12 – 5 PM

Location: Mahtomedi Middle School

More specific times will be decided as registration concludes.  

 Season Info

  • Practices will start early December
  • 10U - 11U will have (1) 2 hour practice each week at MMS
  • 12U – 16U will have (2) 90 - minute practices per week at MMS
  • Playdates and tournaments:

10U - 11U 




4 - 5 playdates

3 playdates & 2 tourneys

6 - 7 tournaments

7 - 8 tournaments

Specific playdate and tourney dates will be set by the coaches after teams have been selected.

All practices and playdates or tournaments will have specific protocol for Covid protection. MAVA will follow all guidelines created by Mahtomedi Public Schools and any facility we utilize for play.

MAVA needs your help to continue growing. Please consider joining the MAVA Board to support the players and ensure we have JO opportunities at Mahtomedi.