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*Reminder: Tryouts start the week of August 15th with practices starting immediately afterwards.
Please schedule vacations, events, and work shifts accordingly so you can be present at volleyball tryouts and practices!
If you are unsure about dates/times to avoid, please reach out via email ( and we will do our best to estimate practice times to help you schedule around them.

Click Here to Register for High School Volleyball

*** If you try to register but the system doesn't let you, that means your physical needs to be updated! Please register early so you have time to update your physical if needed! Updated physicals can be emailed to or dropped off at the high school activities office.

Due to Mahtomedi School Board rules, 7th and 8th graders are only allowed to play high school sports if they are chosen for the Varsity team and would have significant playing time. Please email if you would like more information about 7th and 8th grade attendance at Captains' Practices and high school tryouts.

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